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Day-to-day living in Asuncion. (Asunción)

Hello everyone. I imagine answering questions about water quality, commuting and humidity is boring, but boring is what we are. Work, eat and sleep. Wake up tomorrow and do it all over again. We are a couple of real duds. We could be living and working in Asuncion for three years. That’s a long time. So please… any information from people currently living and working in Asuncion would be greatly appreciated. Protected content

• How is the tap water? Is it safe to drink? If not, what about using it for cooking and washing fruit and vegetables?
• Commuting to / from work and generally getting around town? We are not fussy and have no problem taking busses or taxis, i there are no serious daytime issues with crime?
• Humidity – when one gets off the plane in Miami or Rio, the heat, smell and humidity descend on you like a shroud. Is the heat and humidity as bad in Asuncion? Is there much relief during spring, fall and winter?

Lesley and Richard thank you

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