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Information for future Expat (Auckland)


I want to come to NZ to visit your country, know your culture, learn English, but also able to play rugby in one of your clubs.
For this, I would arrive in December Protected content . Then visit until the rugby season starts (I think it was in March?). During this period, I would go to the living, to work cultures and visit.
Then, when the rugby season starts, my English will hopefully better, and I would work in the city where the club is located (in tourism, communication, sports, events. ..).

But before all that I ask a lot of questions:
- Where to sleep the first day when I arrived?
- What insurance do I need?
- How to find a means of communication with France? (telephone, internet)
- What work? be paid and how much?
- How to find a home to install me?
- What should we remember?
- How to get a bank account?
- How to play rugby in NZ?

Knowing that I only speak very little English, this fear me ...
Could you help me and inform me about this? Do you think my project is feasible?
Thank you very much!


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