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Moving to NZ from SA (Auckland)

Hi there people, we are in the process of moving to NZ (Auckland or Christchurch), my husband and I both qualify according to Appendix 6 and received our invitation letters today. Here comes the big question, I am starting to doubt whether we are making the right decision? I am petrified that we pack up all our belongings and when we get on that side NZ will not be as welcoming, we will not be able to get work ect.

Did some of you have the same feelings? or am I just being silly as all things are now coming to an end on this side?

Does the Kiwi's accept "outsiders"? We have been investigating this option to move for quite some time now and NZ defiantly appealed to us but now i am doubting our decision (i honestly hope its just nerves) I would really appreciate any feedback positive of negative.

Thanks Guys and Girls

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