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Hi Austinites where to live?

I'm a 'new' member of InterNations or rather i have been an inactive member of the site for a while. My intention for the past year has been to relocate to the USA and I've spent alot of time researching place, applying for and interviewing for jobs from my location in Sweden.

I gave myself until September this year to get a job over there or to take a chance and go over anyway. It is now September and I am getting to the stage when going over there taking my chances is on the cards.

So I will probably relocate with enough money to survive comfortably for at least 6 months if I really skimp longer maybe Protected content . Now I am relocating as s single mother with an 8 year old daughter who will need to go to school. I will not have a car and licence to start but I will focus my efforts on getting the licence asap after arrival.

So my question is... what areas of Austin can you recommend with reasonably priced rents, great public schools and access to areas of business to make my jobsearch easier.

I am an Email Marketing Specialist with technical skills but am considering changing careers if need be or oportuinty arises. I'm open to do what work necessary to make things work.

As for interests: Music especially soul/jazz/funk, spoken word, raw food, Buddhism/Zen, Dance, mystical arts, reading.

I prefer an area with an eclectic mix of people, don't mind it being alive with music and people as long as it is also a safe place. I'm not really into drinking too much and would prefer to be close to things that me and my daughter can do together as opposed to nightlife. (Yeah i don't get out much).

I hope that helps in drawing a picture of me. Looking forward to your advice on areas to look at. Any other advice as for job hunting, getting a drivers license in Austin etc is greatly appreciated.

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