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Can you buy *** in Baku?


Hi All,

As my wife and I are getting closer and closer to the move, we are starting to ask ourselves some down-to-earth, non-complicated questions, which we are hoping you could answer. Here we go:

1. Can one buy cannelloni in Baku? (from my wife)

2. What about parmesan and mozzarella? (from my wife, but I am also a sucker for this stuff). Is it expensive (compared to W. Europe)?

3. Nespresso capsules - how expensive are they in Baku? One needs to sign up on the website. (I am expecting many arguments against Nespresso and in favour of local coffee).

4. Dish washer capsules - how much are they? (was going to be all Russian about this question and say that my wife is asking, but then changed my mind).

5. Anyone buys Vichy cosmetics? Expensive? (question from my wife)

6. What's the closest beach to downtown Baku one could go to? (recommendations and opinions on cleanness and local customs)

That's about it for now. Thanks in advance.

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