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Let's Hear Some Feedback! (Baku)

As we approach the end of another Summer season and prepare for Fall, some were wondering what Internations is providing for you that helps you as an International citizen. Our attendance and forum activity in the Baku Community seem to be increasing and we hope to deliver even better support and assistance to our members, new and old.

Please let us know your thoughts on some of these issues (or any others!) which YOU believe will help take Baku to the next level of social and professional networking and growth for our members....

Venue - How do you feel about locations, food and beverages, prices, accessibility, layouts, ambiance or any other factors related to selecting places for our events and activities?

Events - Last night we enjoyed a salsa demonstration and group lesson as a sort of center-point of the evening. Was this an improvement on the usual "mingle and munch" routine of the past few meetings? There have also been some comments that we need a bit more time to mingle before settling onto tables and seating, thoughts?

Activities - We are looking at partnering with public and private organizations in order to provide for new and interesting experiences. This could involve smaller, more specialized group activities, some venue options and the flexibility to make Internations a more personalized experience for members. Of course, it may lead to a bit more commercialization and we don't want anyone to feel pressured into buying something or participating in anything they don't enjoy. What thoughts cross your mind on this issue?

Excursions - One activity thought involves day trips or short jaunts to places in, around and possibly, even a couple of hours driving time outside, the city. One member remarked last night that he has been here nearly 2 years and only been outside Baku once for a business necessity. Would this be of interest to anyone?

Skill building - Many members express interest in learning Azeri, Russian, Spanish, English, French and other languages as well as trying to develop skills for recreation and professional growth. Should we look into partnerships and presentations from reputable organizations which contribute to this sort of development?

Sponsorships - Some companies have expressed interest in supporting the organization through discounts, presentations, product donations and partnering for charity events. How would you feel if the Baku Community became involved in one or two charity operations during the year with regard to fund-raising (NOT asking for donations from members!) activities involving public events, volunteering and the like?

Attraction/Likelihood to Return - Not sure what else to call it but if you or someone you know came to one meeting then never came back the question we'd like to have answered is, "Why?" what would we need to do to get you or someone else to give it another try or make it a "Don't Miss" event on their monthly calendar?

Any other thoughts which would help the Ambassadors and potential partner organizations provide value to our community are more than welcome. If you hesitate to state them on the forum please feel free to send messages to either of your Ambassadors or track us down to discuss over coffee sometime.

Looking forward to your responses!

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