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Moving to Baku! Need INFO! :)

Hi guys,

I will be moving to Baku in 3 weeks with my husband. Can you please give me some info on life over there? We lived in Qatar for 1 year and wondering if its anything like that? We live in France now and Im sure its nothing like here, so Im trying to get an idea of what to expect. Also I am pregnant and will be giving birth there, so any info on the health system? And if you have the name of a good hospital/obstetrician that speaks English PLS let me know!!!
How is life with kids and for kids over there? My husband will be working at Port Baku. What is a good area close to there for living with a family thats safe and with basics (supermarket, pharmacy, etc) close by?

Im sorry about all the questions but would love any and all info you have!!

Thanks again!

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