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Bali (Balearic Islands)


my name is Urška Murn, I'm 25 and I come from Slovenia, Europa. I graduated on Faculty of sport, Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm world traveler and life lover. Next year I'm going to vist Bali, and for definetly I will be exited. On web I have found your site and I'm writing to you, because I would like to know if is there any possiblity to work in your center?

I am going to briefly represent my expiriences. As I said, I graduated on FS, with the highest score possible. Diploma based on exercises for babies (baby handling, massage) and post natal exercises for mothers. In Slovenia I had courses how, how often, when can mother after childbird continue with sport activity. On Faculty on sport I conduct training for pre and post natal. This year I’m going to completed training for Stott Pilates instructor. In big fitness center I work as personal and pilates instructor. I also conduct Boot camps and exercises for seniors. I am the main coordinator of exercise for children in ŠRD Muri.

I particularly like to work with people, getting to know a new culture, acquaintances. I want to start working in a new environment, a new continent, with new people. I'm not afraid of the challenge, but even excited expect.

Is there any possibility to work in Bali? Does anybody know?

Best regards,
Urška Murn