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Moving to Menorca (Balearic Islands)


I will be moving to Menorca in the upcoming months, likely after the new year, to join my fiance who is a Spanish national. I am originally from the States (Seattle, WA, west coast) but have been in Germany for nearly 10 years. now. I will be looking for a Job when I arrive. I am fluent in English and German, my Spanish is currently in the Baby stages, but I am a quick learner with languages and plan to pick it up quickly. I have experience in childcare but have been working the last 3+ years for a patent law Office as a paralegal in Biotechnologies. I would be looking for just about anything to begin with, preferably something Office/administrative in nature. I have had some Problems finding anything online so suggestions of where to look would be grately welcome. I am not sure how much I can do in advance, but I am also regularly on the Island to visit. Any and all help is appreciated!! Thanks, Laura

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