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Relocating to Mallorca (Balearic Islands)



My fiancé and I (and our two daughters) are looking at relocating from Melbourne to Mallorca within the next few years.

We speak both English and Spanish fluently. I am a CPA and am looking into gaining my CELTA prior to the move. My fiancé works in IT.

We are planning on spending a few weeks in Mallorca at the end of this year to get a feel for the island (it will be a sort of working honeymoon).

Once we’ve moved, I plan on gaining employment as a CPA with an English company and potentially tutor after hours (hence the CELTA). Would this sort of salary be sufficient to cover rent and other minor outflows? Are there many organisations wanting/looking for English speaking CPA’s? Are jobs few and far between?

Assuming my salary will cover most of our outflows, my fiancé will then focus on looking for a business that is either run down, with room for improvement, or one that is already running well, at this stage, we’re not too sure which type of business would suit us best. Are there many businesses up for sale at this time? Are they fairly priced? In your opinion, what would be the best business for us to look into?

We’d like to be self sufficient as early as possible in order to help us settle in. Once settled, we can then readdress our situation.

Our daughters would need to attend childcare. How accessible are they? Are there certain locations that would be more/less child friendly?

I know this has been a pipe dream for many. We’re hoping it’ll work for us.

Any advice or information you could pass on would be most welcome.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read through.


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