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24/7 Emergency Vet Clinic (Bali)

Sadly last weekend my beautiful pup Luci died. It was a hit & run- by the garbage truck in our very quiet no through road. Luci was outside having play time with her doggy friends - her friends are still coming to my gate waiting for Luci to come outside and play, too sad. After banging, shouting & crying at my neighbours door, my kind neighbour drove us to the nearest 'reputable' vet clinic. After only being in the clinic for a couple of minutes I felt that the clinic & vet were not equiped to handle emergency situations, what does one do in this situation! From this experience I realised that I did not know where to take an animal for emergency treatment, if I did perhaps Luci may of lived or not - I will never know. What I would like to know and this may also help someone else in the future - where does one currently take an animal for emergency treatment 24/7. In Bali around each corner is a homeless dog looking for a friend who will feed, love & give them a bed. Just at the moment I cannot do this but in the not too distance future I am sure I can. again.

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