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Already Moved to Bali? What can I expect?

Hi, I'm looking for some detailed insight into living/relocating to Bali (specifically Ubud or North Kuta). I want to know what to expect and what difficulties I might encounter in setting myself up in Bali (if I do indeed choose Bali to relocate to). I have lots of questions below and if anyone could take the time to answer just a few it would be greatly appreciated.

Relevant Info: Male, 29yo, Australian, Software Developer, Single (no dependents), Looking to relocate to Bali and work remotely. Know to leave my western ideas at the immigration desk but I would still like a few western comforts in the place I relocate to.

- I am looking for a smallish (around 50m^2) quiet apartment or even cabin (similar to a Holiday Park cabin). Kitchen, 1 bedroom.
- Is it possible to rent an apartment short term Protected content for around $US300/month?
- Whats the best method to find an apartment (internet, classifieds, a finder)?
- Scams or gotcha's to be aware of?
- New costs to expect? Ie; is it called Banyan? Rubbish pickup, gas canisters for cooking, buying lots of bottled water?
- Is setting up rubbish, utilities, banyan? quite an ordeal? Do you need proficiency in Balinese to do so?
- For rent in Bali do you usually pay all up in advance or monthly?
- Any insight into the lease signing process? May seem like a silly question but do I need references and bank statements like in Sydney?
- I saw on forums Banyan? also covers local security? Can it be bad crime-wise?

- Reliability of electricity, ie, black outs, other problems?
- Again setting up utilities quite an ordeal? Do you need proficiency in Balinese to do so?
- How do manage your clean drinking water? Do you buy bottled water or use filters?

- I've heard the internet can/was not so great. I would probably need an unlimited data plan. And be able to stream video but not make Skype video calls pretty much ever. Is this realistic in Bali?
- Whats the uptime of your internet (is it ever down).
- Need a phoneline?
- Reliability of setup and service?

- Accessibility, quality and cost of hospitals?
- Accessibility, quality and cost of GP/medical centre visits?

- The Australian Smart Traveller website paints Indonesia incl Bali in a pretty bad light. With statements like 'We advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in Indonesia, including Bali, at this time due to the high threat of terrorist attack.'. As someone who lives there whats your opinion and advice?

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