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Barclays nightmare... please help! UK (Bali)

Hi guys,

It might be a weird request but still... i'll be looking for help. My girlfriend forgot her card reader (Barclays PINsentry) which pretty much make online banking useless. It proves to be a big problem for us, we're here for a year and we need to pay for a villa, bills back in home etc...

What I find out online (I don't have Barclays account myself) is:
1. you can use a mobile PINsentry using Barclays mobile app
2. to activate a mobile app you need a PINsentry
3. Barclays' PINsentry is NOT connected to any account or card... it's just a device

So, if anyone reading this has UK's Barclays account and a card reader and can meet us for coffee or lunch... it's on us. I'll appreciate any help.

Thanks for reading,

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