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Budget For Bali Living


Hello Forum. I am a UK expat currently Living in Jakarta. I have Kittas, My family will have (non working) Kittas from my company too.

My family and I will be relocating in to Bali January and Whilst I am saving at the moment I like to plan ahead and ensure that the relocation budget does not run dry (with lots and lots little extras).

We plan to live in Ubud (I am aware of where it is, and distance from more typical expat areas). I will express interest in some villas at a later date, at this time its a bit early.

Obviously we have planned for cost like Accommodation and School as the major expenditure, but would like advise on the following budgets:

* Driver with Car Protected content per week. Typically drive kids/wife to school between Ubud and XXX, a bit of waiting back to Ubud and again for pick of children in the afternoon. I would be expecting about Protected content . I am happy to take contact details as I will be revisiting Bali over the next few months and will need a driver.

* Security - I live in managed apartment in Jakarta, so I am unsure how things work in Bali. I think I understand that I may need to employ Villa and Street security? I could do with advice on how I would go about this and how many security I need to employ, and what a typical budget would be?

* We will not really be needing a full time maid, but I understand it is best to have one, I am thinking daily or bi-daily visits, if only for a bit of cleaning and assistance with shopping, liaison with local shops keepers. Any advice on how to employ and typical budgets?

* Ideally I would like a pool in my villa in Ubud, This is purely to "buy acceptance" from the kids about the move. How much is a small pool to maintain, if I employ a pool maintenance guy?

* Utilities I would like to get some advise on typical budgets for a villa. Water, Electric, Internet. Internet is very important for communication to UK. We do not have much interest in Telephone or TV. Any advice on Budgets or Deposits would be helpful.

* Please shout up of I have missed any of the things that I need to plan for.

.... and my thanks for your help


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