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Italian Language course (Bali)

Helloooww all....

Does anyone can inform me where can I find a place / course to learn Italian language in Bali ?

I really would like to expand my language knowledge... now that I know how to speak and write in English, I also would like to learn other language and my choice is Italian.

Hopefully someone can help me out with this.. and when i say I want to learn Italian, it means, I really want to know everything about the language.. the grammar, how to pronounce it, and get the certificate from the course .. I want one day .. people that I met can say "she speaks Italian too!" and then... I can say to myself that I am officially speaking Italian... :) this is one of thing that I would like to accomplish ...

If anyone knows anything, please , please, please do let me know ... you can also sms directly to my mobile phone Protected content to my email address at Protected content

Molto Grazie


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