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Please help me to help these puppies! (Bali)

Hi all,
A month ago I noticed a dog with 5 newly born puppies laying on the street not far from my house. One puppy has died crushed by a car. Since then, I often hear their screaming when kids bully, bit, threw them in the dumpster. Nobody care, even their parents seemed didn't mind because their kids have something to play with. At first, I just saved & feed them whenever I could. But day by day those puppies started showing up in my front door together with their skinny mum, since then I'm providing them temporary shelter, but sadly I have to come back to Jogja soon and leave them. I don't think that there will be anybody here will take care of them (judging from their mum condition)
So, I'll be very thankful if somebody are willing to adopt them.
Please please contact me if anybody interested in adopting them.

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