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Puppy Love (Bali)

I moved to Bali for my job under a 3 year contract. The business is expanding and I am being relocated at the end of the year.

Regretfully, I am writing this post in hopes of find a new loving home for my 2 pups I rescued when they were newborns. They are both around 9 months old and the most amazing dogs I've ever had the pleasuring of having.

Both are female, as well as up to date on all vaccines and shots. They are well trained and are extremely friendly with people and other dogs.

It kills me having to write this post, but I have run out of options. I tried to arrange to take them with me, but my finances won't allow it. Please let me know if you or anyone you know would like a couple of really great loving dogs to add to their family.

They are house trained, love rides on the motorbike to the beach and just want to be loved.

I would be forever greatful.

Kind Regards,


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