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Safety Riding in Bali

Maybe you guys already heard / watch / read about a police in bali asking amount of money if you did a violation while riding motorbike. I know this is embarrassing and i know most of you already knew this is happen in bali / indonesia many times. As an indonesian friend here I don't want this is happen to you guys especially for you that come to bali only for holiday, so these are some tips to prevent you get captured or maybe chased by police in bali while riding a motorbike:
1. Don't forget to use helmet, this is important for your safety and also this is very clear that you violating the rule if you forget to use it.
2. Always turn on your motorbike lights
3. Don't forget to check your driving license and your motorbike document before you ride. If you don't have it, I suggest you go by taxi.
4. Pay attention the traffic signs
5. Limit your speed
6. Pay attention to the traffic lights because most of traffic light specially in main street there is usually a police post.

For you if you got captured by police, first ask what you have done or if you know you did a traffic violation, admit it, i know you wont get any trouble in your holiday but please don't do negotiation by paying some money to the police, because i love my country and i dont want everytime i meet my new western friend/client and I ask about what they think about bali/indonesia, there must be 1 of their answer is corruption

I wrote this because of video below:
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