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Salary expectations (Bali)

Hi everyone.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I've been offered a position working in hospitality in Bali. I'm really excited about it, hope it all comes to be.
It operating a couple of hotel restaurants. I'm a chef and operations manager/general manager having just sold my own restaurant after a number of years trading.

I'm yet to get details on whether accom will be apart of it, or a phone, bike, travelling costs. I know KITAS is provided.
They have asked my salary expectations?? I guess they have an idea on what they want to pay, but what is reasonable? I know this is a difficult answer and a difficult topic for some to talk about. But, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have a young family, daughter completing prep here in Australia and need to find her schooling- which isn't cheap!
Also, how does KITAS work? I receive a visa, what about my wife and children, what do I need to do? We are all Australian nationals.

Thanks for your help with this.

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