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Questions about Internet in Bamako

Dear Expats,

I am moving from the US to Bamako with my wife in the first quarter of Protected content . My wife is employed with the US government. I am a Software Engineer and will be working remotely from Bamako. This requires me to have a solid Internet connection. I have a few questions and would appreciate any input you can give me. Most people I've talked to thus far about the Internet are not technical people, and have conveyed to me mixed sentiments about the Internet in Mali, so I'm not sure what to make of it. If anyone knows a technical person, I would love to get their input as well!

1) In your opinion, how good is the Internet in Bamako? If the speed isn't too great, is it at least reliable? Or does it go out often in the rainy season or due to power outages?

2) I see that Orange and Afribone are some local Internet providers. How good are they? Reliable? Do you get the speeds that are advertised? With Orange, I see that there is an option to get a high speed connection (but requires a 2 year contract/commitment), anyone have any experience with that?

3) Does anyone have any experience with Satellite Internet? From what I've researched, there are a number of options for Satellite Internet. But Satellite Internet is much more expensive. Do you have any recommendations of Satellite Internet providers, their speed/reliability, and cost?

Thanks again!

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