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what about life in Bamako?

Hi everyone,
I'm glad to join a comunity like internations, wich assembles people from everywhere in the world.
i'm a newcomer on internations. we are a family with 3 children aged 8 and 2, and we are going to move on Bamako next summer. It's for sure a great experience, but though i've been to Morocco several times (my husband is born near Casablanca), i don't know sub saharian Africa, so i have many questions.
How is the atmosphere in Bamako since elections and military interventions in the North? Is it calm and safe? I've been in touch with several expats who told me that life is normal and calm, and safe including for children. Do you agree with this? i'm asking about that matter because my family reacted with fear when i told them we were moving to Mali.
I'm wondering if a french woman can easily hang around in Bamako city, go to the marché, do some sports, involve in associations, well... have a quite normal life.
Could someone tell me more about paludism in Bamako? Is there a risk for children especially?
Thanks for informations!

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