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High Quality Djembes For Sale! (Banjul)

I am posting this on behalf of my friend Keykuta. Keykuta is a musician from Guinea who lives in The Gambia and makes top-quality djembe drums. He uses wood imported from Guinea or, if you prefer, wood found locally in The Gambia. He buys the skins here and makes the drums himself. He is also available to tighten and repair a drum that you may already have.

Several members of UK drumming groups have bought Keykuta's djembes and have been very satisfied. The quality of his workmanship has lead to a lot of word of mouth referrals and I wanted to post something here to help his business as well as help people find excellent drums. If you would like to be put in touch with someone who has a drum made by Keykuta, please let me know.

The price of his djembes is around Protected content which is about half the price of a Guinean djembe bought in the UK. If you want to watch him work, you are more than welcome to visit his compound and see how a drum is made. He is located near Kotu Quarry - if you are unfamiliar with the area it's about 5 minutes by taxi either from Africell or Manjai Junction.

Keykuta can be reached on Protected content . He does not have regular access to the internet but I am happy to relay any queries if you are outside of The Gambia. My email is Protected content

I created a similar post for another friend's tour guide business and there was an insinuation that I had a personal interest in the endeavour. To be clear: Keykuta is not my husband/boyfriend/partner or anything of the sort and I don't receive any kind of commission for these referrals. My intention is merely to help one of the many talented and hard-working people here reach a wider audience.

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