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interning for 6 months in Kanifing (Banjul)


hello all, so glad to have found this forum!

I will be starting a 6 month internship in The Gambia in September. I am waiting on some paperwork and some further details from the organization I'll be working with, so in the meantime wanted to reach out to other folks who have relocated there to say hi and ask a few questions (I will probably have more later)...

- I have an unlocked phone: is it easy to just buy a phone plan there and a new card to put in it for local calls?

- I'll have some help finding a place to stay, but any tips on how much cash to bring with for the first few days / tips on best exchange rates? Is it easier to bring some pounds or american dollars than canadian, or would I get a better exchange rate through my bank before I come?

- any tips for buying groceries -- in regards to food safety or places to avoid buying from or any other precautions

- culturally appropriate clothing tips?

- I'm going to bring lots with me, but how easy might it be to find things like probiotics, anti-nausea meds, etc?

- re: dressing for a hot climate - what's the most efficient go to clothing items you use most of the time? I know I won't need much for warm clothes.

I think that's all for now... thanks in advance for any advice and look forward to maybe meeting some of you while I'm there!

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