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Denuncia (Barcelona)

Hi. Unfortunately I have had unbearable problems with builders and am thinking of doing a "denuncia". Can anyone give me any advice please? Are they worth doing? Where do you start? Do you need a lawyer? Would it have repercussions on me? They have played around with the IVA, adding on Protected content when I wanted them to finish the work and make sure the generator was working before paying them, they have refused me a receipt for monies paid and have refused guarantees for installations and contact numbers for subcontractors in case something goes wrong. Apart from spending around 3 hours (2 x 1.5) screaming at me and telling me they were going to make me suffer! I have been quite docile so far since I'm in a foreign country but 3 months after the end of the job I have been left with these problems (as well as depression, anxiety and high blood pressure every time I think about them) which has meant that I am finding it hard to settle here. I'm a single, retired woman, my spanish is fluent and I have always loved Spain and found people to be kind but this one off problem seems to have cancelled all that out and destroyed everything for me. So retaliation seems to be the way to go. Make them as unhappy as they have made me via a denuncia and a conversation with IVA. Any advice please? Ros

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