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Help! moving to Barcelona


This issue may have appeared on this forum before but i'm not the best with navigating these things. If anybody can help me this I would be soooo thankful.

I want to move to Barcelona. I have done my C.V. in Catalan and have already had interest from a few place wanting to interview me. But I need help with the order and strategy of what I need to do.

I believe the first things I will need to obtain are a residential NIE number and a Social Security Number. As a EU citizen I believe I will be able to sort this out with minimal fuss. But the next thing I need to do is the difficult bit. As I understand in order to get a residential bank account I obviously need to have documentation to prove I have a place of residence in Spain. However, if I put a deposit down on a place to live I run the risk of not being able to secure work and therefore not being able to pay rent. Is there anyway around this? Can I start by using a non residential bank account and then switching once I have work? Or is my only option is to take the plunge with a deposit on a room and hope for the best.

Any help regarding this will be gratefully recieved.


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