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Hola Todos! Coming to Barcelona

Hola Todos!

We are moving to Barcelona in the summer with our 2 children (5 and 7 months). We speak Spanish and hope to learn Catalan once there as well. I am a sound designer so work mostly from home but I may try to give some classes on music tech as well. Would love to meet locals and expats of course. My husband will work at the university. We are on our first mission this weekend although we have both visited several times. We're into socilaising, kids, sports, music, art, cooking, literature, film etc...anything creative!

We would like to put our 5 year old in a local school. We are not interested and don't really have the money to go to an International school. We reckon she will have English at home so we are happy for her to go through the Spanish school system and study through Catalan. I think it would be a great way to meet locals and we like the Spanish culture and outlook anyway. Just wondering if anybody else has done this and how they have found it? I know there is a site about schools but it deals mostly with Int'l schools.

Now are there any really bad schools I should be aware of? (I mean really in the UK there are some awful big no-no schools where I live where you would never want to send your kids...I guess where the kids don't really feel safe at school and the schools are failing etc).

I think initially we will rent something and then if all goes well try and buy. I've been looking at Enalquiler for rentals. Is that the main site?

Anyway, I have only just joined up and hope to meet lots of people around the boards :-)

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