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Income tax in Spain? (Barcelona)

Dear community,

Could you please tell me how much the governments deducts from the income in Spain? I found some figures on the internet ( Protected content ) saying the following:

Income -> tax:
€0 - €17, Protected content 24%
€17, Protected content -> 28%
€33, Protected content -> 37%
€53,407 and above -> 43%

Is that correct, according to your experience? In some cases that would mean that I have more net earning less gross (e.g. EUR 33.000 and EUR 34.000).

The same website says that there is a "special expat income tax". One needs to fulfill certain requirements but then has to pay only 25%! However, they recommend you a tax advisor in order to adhere to the requirements.

Does anyone of you have experience with this expat tax? Is it recommendable?

Thanks for your help and have a nice day!

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