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Interview for DW - looking for bicultural couples (Barcelona)


I have a website about bicultural and long distance relationships ( Protected content ), and the Deutsche Welle has contact me because they have a program about bicultural couples in Europe, and they wanted me to help them finding bicultural couples to be interviewed. I don´t know that many people, so I´m asking you for help...

If you are interessted, please let me know.. The condicions are:
1- Bicultural couple (one person from one country and the other one from another). BOTH EUROPEAN.
2- Living in Europe
3- No germans or couples related to germany (they have a bunch already)
4- It could be couples living separated because of the job or studies (long distance relationship)
5- The interviews are going to be per telephone. If you have to have a headset (or a microphone) for the interview it could be done via Internet.
6- If you had such a relationship in the past, but you broke up, it doe´nt matter, it´s also interesting for them.
7- Its better young people (max 30 years old), because it´s for the program addressed to young germans..

Bye for now! Hope to hear from you!

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