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Just moved to Barcelona

Hey guys, I just moved to Barca about 2 weeks ago for work. I've had a hard time meeting people, especially local expats. I hope to attend the function on the 30th which should be fun. Nonetheless, I would love the chance to meet a few of you before then )) If anyone is interested in grabbing a coffee or beer whether in a group or just the two of us that would be fantastic.

I know this isn't the most orthodox way of meeting people, but why not ! :P If it matters to anyone, I'm a recent Business School graduate; I'm half Swedish and Canadian but grew up outside Toronto; very much into sports and going to the gym; like going out on weekends; love the beach; I'm really easy going; and play a lot of golf )) It's a brief some up but I'm sure you can tell a few things about me from that lol Add me on Facebook if you'd like Nick Beaudoin-Ullsten (display picture with sunglasses on)

Cheers guys,


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