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Learn photography on 1st August (Barcelona)

''Tom welcomes questions and cover(s) a little extra ground for those that want it. In all, a very worthwhile afternoon!''- Damien Simonis, Author/Photographer, Lonely Planet Guidebooks


The summer is here and you want to take pictures. Maybe you're going on holiday. But do you know how to get the best results from your camera and capture your experiences?

Or is it a bit disappointing?

As a professional photographer AND a professional trainer, I am running a photography workshop on 1st August.


As I have run five successful workshops. I've updated the materials based on feedback and your needs as photographers!

Many people from Internations have attended my workshops, and some of their feedback is below.

Here's an outline of the syllabus (you will receive training materials):

**Playing with light**

Photography is all about light. Learn how the camera ''sees'', and how to make this work for you.

**Make your camera obey you**

Discover how you can create amazing results by adjusting your camera's shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance.

No more disappointment!


How to decide what to put in a picture and what to leave out. Some simple rules, and when to break them.

**Photographing people**

Why do we sometimes look great in pictures, and other times, we don't?

You will learn some basic but powerful techniques for getting the best results from your people pictures. This is what I do for a living, and you'll learn how I do it!

**Make friends with flash**

Create beautiful pictures by understanding when, when not, and how to use flash.


Build a portfolio of your strongest pictures and build your confidence!

There are other photographers out there running workshops. But being a good photographer doesn't make you a good teacher. So here is some feedback:

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''I have been shooting, in haphazard fashion, travel material for Lonely Planet for years. Aware of my lack of technical knowledge, I was attracted to Tom's workshop but unsure how useful it might be as it was directed at 'beginners'. In the end, I found it clear, well set out and, best of all, highly instructive. A lot of things I should have known or learned years ago finally fell into place.

Tom welcomes questions and covering a little extra ground for those that want it. In all, a very worthwhile afternoon!''- Damien Simonis, Author/Photographer, Lonely Planet Guidebooks

''Thanks for a great workshop... really enjoyed it, and I got a lot out of it. God knows why I didn't do something like this earlier... great to be back in the mode, and using my camera again. Liked the points in the workshop, all so helpful and great to be thinking about again. I especially liked the idea of going out with a theme in mind, abstract, contrast, doorways, shadow, people (list is endless)''- Richard Thomas

''Thanks for an awesome workshop... I learned so much that I know I can put to practical use now! ...
Excited to have also met some great people at the workshop with a common interest in photography right here in Barcelona.''- Media Saadi

''I had a fantastic time and learned so much- I'm excited to put it into practice!!''- Manda Schalin

''Tom, thank you so much for organizing the workshop, I had the most amazing time!!''-Martina Klančišar

''Really liked the photography workshop!
Going soon to try out the new buttons on my camera I've discovered today ;)''- Anca Grozea

By the end, I guarantee that you will be taking better photographs (or your money back!)

The cost? Just 50 Euros, which is a small fraction of what you pay for a camera, or that expensive holiday where your pictures didn't turn out well!

If you want to come, let me know as soon as possible via this thread or by sending me an email at Protected content

Thanks and see you there


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