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Not feeling positive (Barcelona)

Dear all,
I posted on the Barcelona InterNations a few months back hoping for positive feedback, to which alot of you did and made me feel hopeful.
However, since then, i have been doing some checking online as regards Jobs for English speakers.
Some of you suggested that it would be easy for me to get work teaching English with my TEFL certification, However, to my dismay, all the positions I see offered are actually saying that you have to take the certification through them once in Barcelona, which i do not need as i already have it.
Also, there was some suggestions that Business;s there need English natives to help teach their work force better English. This i have not found any positions at all.
Most are also saying that i would need to be fluent in Spanish which i am not. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle and need to encouragement or recommendations from people who are kind enough to help.
I cannot move to Spain from UK until after summer as i need to work and save money first..

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