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Open talks about sailing in Barcelona.

11 of May at 16.30 don´t miss in Barcelona!
Open talks - "Yachting for pedestrians".
In talks I will share with you my knowledges about what is sailing, how it looks like and who is it for, some basic theory of sailing, modern technologies in sailing and finally how start to sail in Barcelona and licenses question. It´s all just my personal sailing experience, it´s not pretend to be the only one truth or some kind of official information.
This talks are for those
- who has never tried sailing and curios about what world is this,
- who tried sailing and want to organize recieved experience,
- and also for those who knows how it looks like and wonder how he can start to sail in Barcelona and clarify licenses question.

Plan of talks is
- moving in sailing boat, racing and relax sailing
- Kind of sailing regattas
Sailing theory
- Is it can overkeel
- Sail work
- woven vs laminate sails, hard wings and lifting foils
Sailing practices and licenses
- how to get free of charge practice and effective trainings with instructor, sources for self study, kind of sailing licenses, do you need one and what to choose.

Then I will be happy to answer questions if you will have one
And then hope to see you in the water soon!

PS: Please send me your name and ID number if interested to come. And don't forget to have ID with you

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