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Opportunities in Life Sciences in Barcelona


About two years ago myself and my girlfriend visited Barcelona and we really loved it there. We loved the city, and we love the Spanish culture/lifestyle/food/etc. We went to Spain before and we’re planning to go again. I’m originally from Romania and she is Dutch. We’re both doing a master’s degree at the moment in the Netherlands (I’m doing Genetics and Biotechnology and she is doing Archaeology). Life in the Netherlands is close to being perfect, however, we would also like to live in Barcelona (at least for a few years). My question, therefore, is, does anyone know if there are many opportunities in the fields we are studying (mentioned above)? Also, we would probably get there not speaking much Spanish (and even less Catalan), so is that a major issue for the beginning? My girlfriend took Spanish in school, so she would probably pick it up quickly, and I think I would too, since I already speak a grammatically similar language. Anyway, looking forward to your thoughts.


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