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Registered partnership/pareja de hecho, HOW? CÓMO? (Barcelona)

Hola a todos! Hello everybody!

Me (Dutch) and my partner (Danish) want to register officlally as partners and thus have a 'registered partnership', 'pareja de hecho' in Spanish.

It seems a bit hard to find information on the subject, though, and a notary that I called yesterday for information on the subject even told us that this cannot be done if at least one of the partners is not Catalan.
I just cannot believe this to be true.
Two people, of the European Union even, that want to register their partnership officially, would not be able to do this under Catalan law? Hello?

So, I'm asking for some advice and/or experiences. Has any of you been able to recently register their partnership, and if so, how, where, what, when?
I think things have changed recently, as this was formerly a matter dealt with by the Ayuntamiento, but has suffered from fraude and people taking advantage for the wrong reasons (whatever that might be...).

Anyway, any help or information is highly appreciated, so thank you very much for sharing what you know.

Enjoy the weekend!

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