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Storytellers required!! - VENT!! 2 - Sunday 24th (Barcelona)


VENT!! - Telling it like it was is back this Sunday with one more night before the Summer on August 7th. We have some real interesting tales materialising for these nights but want to keep adding fresh faces so if you have a story you would like to share with a live audience in Barcelona´s newest nightlife offering then look no further.

VENT!! is about real people telling their own real stories, with no notes just painting the picture from memory. It is compelling viewing for the audience, the offline manifestation of Social media sharing beyond Protected content . It is a completely unpredictable night so wonderful for the viewer and can be a therapy for the storyteller who can feel liberated in the tale getting told.
We had a strong representation from Internations last time who were pretty unanimous in their approval i think and we will have ironed how the couple of technical issues we experienced so should be quite an evening and the perfect post-playa chillout.
If you would like to take part you need to pitch your story to Protected content just a short paragraph outlining the content and the estimated time it will take to tell

Come to VENT!! in every way...

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