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2012 International Summit on China Energy Security (Beijing)

Protected content Summit on China Energy Security and Policy (CESP Protected content be held in July

China is the fastest-growing economy in the world and a big energy consumer. Its energy security strategy and energy policy have increasingly influence in international arena. Safeguarding world energy security is a common challenge for countries in the world. Countries need to enhance their communication over this and identify common interests for win-win result. This can not only help reduce energy cost to their own people but also facilitate mutual understanding and trust, thus removing unnecessary friction and solve potential conflicts.
Under the support of relevant Chinese ministries, Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, The Center for Studies on China's Circular Economy and Environment (CSCCEE) and China Energy and Strategic Resources Research Center will co-organize Protected content Summit on China Energy Security and Policy (CESP Protected content . ATKEPP Ltd will be the operator of the Summit. The purpose is to promote China’s communication and exchange with the rest of world in the fields of energy security and policy, explore relevant theories and practices, make effective policy recommendations to governments, and identify win-win partnerships, making contribution to the sustainable development of the world. Meanwhile, this Summit is also a support to the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.
Top Chinese energy decision-makers will deliver speeches at the Summit. Mr. Xie Zhenhua, Vice Minister, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China, Mr. Liu Qi, Deputy Director, National Energy Administration, China, Mr. Zhou Fengqi, Chief, Renewable Energy Leadership Group, NDRC and Mr.. Han Wenke, Director, Energy Research Institute, NDRC will give important insights into China’s energy security and policy direction.
CESP will be a unique window for you to understand China’s future energy security and policies. Apart from one plenary session, there are separate tracks focusing on specific areas. The tracks include China-US Energy Security and Policy Dialogue, China-Japan Energy Cooperation Dialogue, China-EU Energy Cooperation Dialogue, New Development of Conventional Energy Sources, Clean and Renewable Energies, and Electric Power Security and Smart Grid.
In addition to policy exploration, we will also have time slots for businesses to present their contribution to energy security.
If you want to attend the Summit and/or give a presentation at the conference, please contact us at:
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