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8 August is near .....I really do fear. (Beijing)


Beijing residents are beginning to understand the down side of the Olympics as Beijing is more or less a city under siege from a transport point of view. Lorries and trucks, as of 1 July Protected content , from out of Beijing are no longer permitted to enter the city. This is already causing some of the smaller shops and business that rely on goods/products not manufactured in Beijing to talk about closing for the duration. Soon an alternate day car policy will come into play forcing more people to use public transport.

The Olympics are coming,
8 August is near.
The skies are not bluer
I really do fear.

No more lorries or trucks,
vehicles only from here.
prices will go up
I really do fear.

Alternate car days,
to keep the roads clear.
Crowded buses and tubes
I really do fear.

The hotels are built,
the room rates are dear.
They will stand empty
I really do fear.

No visas for expats,
no parties I hear.
So nothing to do
I really do fear.

I know what you're thinking,
I really do fear.
SoI'll finish this verse
with the Olympic cheer.

clap, clap
thumbs up
clap, clap
arms up

so how will I spend the Olympic period?

I suspect that I will be at the library (The Bookmark) or swimming pool, or maybe I'll invest in a large flat screen TV and watch HBO.

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