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8-day Mongolian Trip 26apr-03may - Old capital, hi (Beijing)

8-day Mongolian Trip 26apr-03may - Old capital, highland lake

Days are getting warm and let s have a trip to Mongolia to feel the Altaic charm.
Take 3 days off for an 8-day trip.
26apr. Beijing-Mongolia by air
Protected content . 1.5 days in Ulaanbaatar (UB)
Protected content 4-day trip to see the ancient capital and highland lakes with amazing views:
√ Day 1. Khustai National Park -home of the successful reintroductory programme of Przewalski’s horse or “Takhi”. In the early Protected content , with assistance from international environmental agencies, many “Takhi” were reintroduced into specially protected areas in the National Park. Khogno Khaan Mountains- beautiful mountains, a massive series of rocky hills that rise up out of an otherwise flat landscape. Visit the ruined monastery, and got active from Protected content . Horse and camel riding available.
√ Day 2. This day will be active visiting many places in Khar Khorum, the ancient capital built by Chinghis Khaan in the 13th century. And drive Tuvkhun Monastery, in Protected content , believers who gathered in Erdene Zuu Monastery decided to build a special Monastery for Zanabazar.
√ Day 3. . Ogii Nuur is a lake, 1.387 meters above sea level in Ogii Nuur Soum in Arkhangai province. It engages 27 square km of area, and has pure water. The lake abounds in various types of fish and birds, which creates a incredible natural beauty.
√ Day 4. . Drive back to UB. The route will take you past city of Khar Balgas served as the capital of the Uighur Empire, established in Central Asia in the 8th Century.
01May night train UB-Zamiinuud
02 May morning arrival in zamiinuud, border crossing, stay in Erenhot
03 Flight Erenhot-Beijing.

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