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Ah yi (cleaner) recommendations? (Beijing)

I recently moved to UHN International Village, near tàiyanggōng and sānyuánqiáo stations (Line Protected content Chaoyang district.

I have tried 4 local cleaners already and have been *shocked* to discovered that they have no idea of hygiene or how to use common cleaning products! It would have been OK if they actually bothered to listen and learn, but instead I got the repeated "You're only renting, there is no need for your apartment to be that clean! It's passed my normal work hours so I want to go home now!" I have begged my long-term reliable cleaner from the Haidian district to come over and work, but it's just too far for her to travel.

Does any one have a good cleaner they can recommend in this area? Please?

Would be grateful for any suggestions.

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