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Beijing - Taxi Rate Increase June 10

According to a statement released by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, taxi rates will increase as of June 10.

Here's the breakdown:

- The flag fall will start at RMB13
- The fuel charge will be a flat rate of RMB1, regardless of distance
- The rate per kilometer will be RMB2.3
- The flag fall from 11pm-5am will be 20% higher, which (if our math is correct) would put it at RMB15.6. Since all amounts are rounded, this actually means RMB16.
- During peak times Protected content and 5-7pm), you will be charged the equivalent of 2km (RMB4.6) for every 5 minutes of waiting. When it's not a peak time, this charge will be the equivalent of 1km (RMB2.3).

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