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Beijing Taxi tip ....

Are you fed up of Beijing taxis not bothering to take you on short minimum fee fares preferring to let you get ripped off by the unauthorised taxis who can basically hold you to randsom for what ever fees they can barter you up to !!!!

Well I was given this tip by a friend and I have tried it ..and it works so well and it gives you the last laugh to ...but make sure when you get in you point to their little doodar on the screen that they start the meter running otherwise they can rip you off to !!

So you walk toward the taxi and they either usher you away because the know where all foreigners want to go if they are asking for a cab there ...or you show the address then they usher you away to the unauthorised cabs ...

Once they usher you away ... Get your pen out and a bit of paper and start writing there licence plate down (as if you were going to report them for what they just did ) ... Omg the smiles and escorting you back into thier cab... Laughing nervously along the way on your journey ...

It may not always work but just think of the doubt and fear you have now created ...and like I said two out of two so far !!

My Beijing tip for the week... If anyone has tips they can share that will help me/ others please post .... : Protected content

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