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Chinese Rockbar in the Hutongs, Beijing

Hello Rock Fans in Beijing,

I recently went to a nice, small bar in the Hutongs. You might not even notice it from the outside and would probably just walk past it. But if you have a closer look, you will notice a big sign above the entrance, saying “WHAT?! BAR 什么“. This is the only live music rock bar I have seen so far in Beijing, providing an atmosphere of ancient architecture.
On Fridays and Saturdays, usually starting around 9pm, about 2 or 3 local and sometimes international bands are playing rock music. Most of them even write their own lyrics. It is not the normal “soft pop” you usually hear. The music ranges from jazz to punk to folk funk to metal, in short, everything you can imagine.
There is no entrance fee, but additional 5 RMB will be charged for the first drink.
Alcohol is compared to other bars not expensive; the priciest drink is 35 RMB.
But, unfortunately, the old What?!Bar is about to be closed for building repairs.
If you have never experienced the place, now is the time to do so!
Because the bar owners want the guests to help them, to capture the essence of the old What?!Bar, you should bring your camera.
The What?!Bar Crew has organized the “SEVEN DAYS OF MADNESS!” event.
Every night, starting April 18 until April 24, they will provide you with the best of the What?!Bar Bands and some of the biggest names in Beijing.

Adress: No72 Beichang Street, (by Underground 1 exit at: Forbidden City West Gate); phone (english): Protected content
北长街72号(故宫西门);电话(中文): Protected content

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