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Counterfeit money from Bank of China ATM (Beijing)

Please be very careful when you withdraw cash from ATMs. Check it right away if there is any fake money among it. Ideally when you get the receipt also have all numbers that you received printed out .

Unfortunately I didn't when I got Protected content from the ATM at Tayuan DRC, next to Cafe Flatwhite, last week. A couple of days later I noticed by chance that eight notes had the identical number. I took the 800RMB back to Bank of China, they took it away from me and wanted to "investigate". They also called the police and the whole visit took nearly two hours. One day later they asked me to come to the bank and sign a paper that this money was not from their machine. I refused to sign and asked them to give me a list with all the numbers of the banknotes I had taken on that day. They said they can't do it but I insisted and still refuse to sign that paper. So I am still waiting...

It was an ATM that doesn't recycle money so it came from Bank of China directly. I have heard this from some other friends as well so please be careful and keep this in mind.

Happy new year everyone!

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