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Eligibility to work in China (Beijing)

Hi Everyone,

I recently have recently had some employment opportunities come up and things were generally looking very promising. I decided that honesty was the best policy and made a point of making sure they knew what my visa situation is.

As it stands my wife has an expert certificate in order to work at a school. She has a resident's visa and I am here as her dependant.

As I understand it this means I cannot work.

In order to find employment I need a Z visa, which to get I need a degree from the UK. Can anyone please tell me if it is as black and white as this?

If it is, does this mean that most foreigners working in China (on a Z visa, not student or business) have to have international degrees?

Any advice on this would be much appreciated. I am prepared to accept the fact that I may not be able to work in China (I don't have a degree yet) but would just like to know for absolutely sure.



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