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English lectures on ancient Chinese philosophy (Beijing)

If you wish to learn something about where the root of the Chinese culture started and what is inborn with the Chinese mind, come to our new series of English lectures on ancient Chinese philosophy books, namely "The Four Book", i.e. 《论语》《孟子》《大学》和《中庸》("Analects of Confucius ", "Mencius", "The University " and "The Middle-way" or "The Balance").

Time and venue (in Beijing) to be decided. A small fee will be charged to cover the costs.

We are looking for at least 15 students to start our first series. So, come and make it happen for you and for me.

If you work full-time, please indicate what times will be most convenient for you to come to the lectures. We expect to host them on Saturdays, two hours per session.

If you are interested, please raise your hand. :D

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