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Free Chinese painting class at BICC (Beijing)

Are you a fan of the art of traditional Chinese painting or are you curious about how people manage to do it?

The Chinese painting or Traditional Painting (guóhuà 国画)is one of the oldest artistic traditions in China, and its distinctive style is so much more than just writing characters with brushes. If you feel like an artist and want to get know a little bit more about the techniques, styles, brushes and materials used to create this kind of art or simply want to have a free relaxing afternoon with people while creating your own kind of art, Join us in September 7th Protected content a Free Chinese Painting Event in our Sanlitun Campus from 3.30 pm to 5pm.

The only thing you need to do is Send your name with the subject: “Want to be an Artist” at Protected content and be here on time. Cannot wait to see you here!

Add:BaijiazhuangXili No.2, behind Beijing No.80 Middle School (South Gate), Chaoyang District, Beijing, Protected content . Reference: Hujialou station (subway line10/6), Exit E. From East 3rd Ring Road North, walk on the lane between Alhambra Palace and Conrad Hotel (KanglaiDeJiuDian). We're right next to Conrad hotel.

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