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Happy Chinese Valentine's Day (Beijing)

The legend:

Niulang is an orphan. he lives alone with his bull and works in a farmland to make a living. one day, a group of fairies come down from heaven to play in a stream. the bull suggests Niulang to steal a fairy's clothes - and he did. a fairy cannot find her clothes and fails to fly back to heaven so she agrees to marry Niulang and becomes his wife. they live happily afterwards.

till one day, the Lord in heaven heard about the absence of the fairy and he wants her back to heaven. Niulang chases after the fairy and nearly reaches her but the Queen in heaven draws a milkyway and stops him. some pied magpies feel sorry for Niulang and connect themselves together as a bridge so Niulang can cross over the milkyway to meet the fairy. the Queen gives up finally and agrees to let them meet once a year on the 7th of July in Chinese lunar year.

today is Aug 13, but it is July 7 in Chinese lunar year. so it is called Chinese Valentine's Day as it is time for Niulang to meet his love.... romantic right... ?

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The truth:

last night i saw my friends spreading a notice on wechat, it is an announcement from heaven, saying Niulang cancels his date with the fairy this year... because he gets in relationship with his bull... hahaha, happy chinese valentine's day !

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