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Help Please - I need a social life! (Beijing)

Hi Beijing Members
I've been consulting on and off in Beijing for the last 6 months, and was living in the south so far away from everything, it was impossible to do anything.
I'm totally unfamiliar with the subway and public transport, speak no Chinese, but I need to get a life!
I have lived in other countries, and am totally familiar with the expat life, and know how important it is for us westerners to keep sane.
Hence my post. I have just moved to the north, living just off Beiyuan Lu. Is there anyone out there that lives close by? Or can give me a lift or help me with subway travel to get to a couple of Internations functions?
I'd appreciate it.
Any day time activities are out of the question for me.
By the way, I'm an Aussie female in my 50's, but young at heart and still love to have fun!!! (And I just want to have a chat in English over a few wines).

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