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Hiking through hills and water in Shuiquan Canyon (Beijing)


we'll be hiking from shuiquan canyon to huanghuacheng greatwall on 26th-27th May Protected content
Shuiquan Canyon is a rare place here where one finds water coursing in harmony with the surrounding hills and valleys.

There isn’t much of a road in the canyon, so hikers need to climb over rocks and cross streams and brooks. In some places, locals have attached wooden handrails to the cliffs to aid hikers. People can wade across the river in its shallows. Some parts of the trail have wooden bridges. At places without bridges locals provide small wooden boats that seat four to six people. There are two or three places that are hard to get across, so hikers should exercise caution.

Along the road, visitors will see broken sections of the Great Wall stretching from steep ridges. we'll stay in a villiage the first day have dinner and some drinks .we'll arrive at the huanghuacheng section of greatwall the other day

Hiking information
Destination: shuiquan canyon-huanghuacheng greatwall
Hiking distance: about Protected content
Hiking time: about Protected content
Travel time: about 2 hours each way
Level of difficulty: it’s suitable for new hikers

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