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Moving in a few weeks with my young cat, need help (Beijing)

I am moving to Beijing in just a few week with my young cat and other than being able to find what papers I need to put in order (which I have) I am at a loss as to finding information on many things.
The actual length of the quarantine - some sources say 7 days ( I am coming from the US with 23 in the home, some say mandatory 30 , others say "subject" to 30 days.
I contacted 2 agents to help one gave me a quote of $ Protected content no quarantine and $600 to just help me with the translation and the the quarantine fees for the 30 days, the other company gave me a quote of $560 for help with all the translation quarantine fees and home delivery....

How much IS the quarantine ??? Is there anyway to just do this myself?
Has anyone done this?
I feel like it's this huge mystery! My biggest concern is my best friend of course.

Even $560 is a TON of money for me at this point.
I am an artist coming to work As a theatre director/actor.

If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
I am going on a two year contract, so leaving her behind is not an option, solutions are the option.

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